Roofing: What to Expect With the Work

If you hire a professional roofing company, you should expect nothing less than a professional project. This means not only results you can be proud of, but courtesy and appropriate activity while the project is in motion. You shouldn’t arrive at your house to see workers sitting on top of your house, passing beers and smoking cigarettes. While contractors are as entitled to breaks as anyone else, they haven’t been paid to turn your house into a party zone. Having said all that, it’s important to remember that fixing a roof is dirty, noisy work and it will create a significant disruption in your life. Here are some things to expect.
A Mess
If you’re the type of homeowner who gets really anxious when a tricycle gets left in the yard, you may have to set aside your penchant for neatness for the duration of the project. Roofing creates a mess and it’s something you’re going to have to deal with. That said, there is a limit. Good contractors will perform a full clean up at the end of each day and won’t leave the entire mess to pick up when they are finished. This clean up is bound to be somewhat perfunctory, however, so don’t be surprised if you see a stray nail here and there. This isn’t going to be a time when your kids will want to play outside barefoot.

Weather Delays
Even the best roofing company in the world can do nothing about a sudden and unexpected thunderstorm. While some work can still be done in a light rain, many contractors will call it a day at the first sign of precipitation. You can’t blame them for this; roofing is already dangerous enough without introducing slick surfaces into the mix. If you live in an area where it tends to rain every day, your project isn’t going to be completed as quickly as it would be in a dry climate. Know this ahead of time and don’t blame the workers for elements out of their control.

Neighborhood Relations
A good roofing company will often take it upon themselves to notify the nearest neighbors of the work they will be doing, but it may be your responsibility to keep up with relations. As stated, the project will almost certainly be a noisy one. Neighbors who are home during the day probably aren’t going to be happy with the disruption, but reasonable construction work has to be allowed for. Still, it doesn’t hurt to make the extra effort to apologize for the noise and give them a chance to do their own preparations.

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